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Lifestyle – Terms and Conditions

  • 20 full rounds of golf per season (9 holes count as half.)
  • Exchange days will count towards the twenty rounds.
  • Allrounds must be recorded on BRS or recorded on any competition start sheet.  If this is not possible then the Proshop must be informed, and a note will be made.
  • Unused rounds are not permitted to be carried forward to the following year.
  • Lifestyle members are able to play any day of the week and they may play in Competitions such as the medals and stablefords to maintain their official handicap.  But there are the following restrictions:

NOT eligible to represent the Club in Competition

NOT eligible to play in Board Competitions

Will not benefit from Reciprocal agreements.

Will not benefit from the New Member Scheme (NMS) and an existing Member will not benefit from introducing a new member to this category.

  • Lifestyle Members will benefit from the Bar/Food Discount.
  • Lifestyle Members are entitled to One Free Fourball per year

Important: Any player found to be abusing the rules will be asked to leave the club and no payments will be refunded.