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World Handicap System – Video resources

February 20th 2020

Listed below are the first set of videos from USGA, R&A and England Golf which outline the key changes of the World Handicap System. Each video gives a short, but detailed explanation of a key feature of the new system and is designed to help members get up to scratch.
As more details are issued in the next few months they will be added to this page.


Basis of calculation

Course and slope rating

Playing handicap

Maximum handicap index 54

Acceptable scores

Net double bogey

Daily revisions

Playing conditions calculation

All of the above

England Golf – World Handicap System

May 7th 2020 onwards

The launch of the World Handicap System on 2 November 2020 is fast-approaching and we wanted you to ‘know the score’ on the upcoming changes. The World Handicap System is designed to be simple and easy to understand. During a four-part education series we aim to demonstrate this to all golfers.

Week 1 : What is the World Handicap System ?

Week 2 : Exploring your Handicap Index

Week 3 : Submitting Scores

Week 4 : Tracking your Handicap Index

England Golf – World Handicap System

July 10th 2020 onwards

Ask Gemma, calculation of Handicap Index

“Know the Score” : Golf Education Hub

Ask Gemma, Course Rating, measurements ?

Ask Gemma, What happens to ‘No Return’ scores both during and after the transition process [Warning, complex] ?

WHS Toolkit

Member’s Privacy Notice

Player Reference Guide

Handicap Index : The full Monty

Transition Handicaps : What if I haven’t played 20 rounds ?

Golfers Toolkit