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Ladies’s competition results:


Thursday, 1st December

12 Hole Stableford

Winner; Julia Line 23pts
Runner up; Desley Davies 22pts

Thursday, 17th November

Round Robin

Winner; Pam Lewis
Runner up; Julia Line on c/b

Thursday, 3rd November

12 Hole Stableford

1st; Tanya Cook 26pts
2nd; Ruthie Lockyer 25pts c/b

Thursday, 27th October

18 Hole Stableford

1st; Denni Coleman 41pts
2nd; Beverley Cadwallader 37pts

9 Hole Stableford

1st; Lady Captain Gwenan Davies 20pts

Thursday, 13th October.

Autumn 18 Hole Stableford

Division 1;

1st; Norma Hughes 36pts
2nd; Viv Davies 34pts

Division 2;
1st; Sue Bonsall 35pts on c/b
2nd; Katey Andrew 35pts

Division 3;
1st; Ratree Coleman 34pts
2nd; Sara Davies 33pts

9 Hole Stableford
1st; Margaret Ratcliffe 19pts


Thursday, 6th October
Winner of Granny Bell Board Competition

Rachel Pritchard nett 75
Runner up; Sue Bonsall nett 79

October Medal

Division 1;
1st; Julia Line 89-14=75 nett
2nd; Rachel Pritchard 88-13=75 nett
Division 2;
1st; Annie Evans 99-22=77nett
2nd; Sue Bonsall 101-22=79 nett

Thursday,  29th September

3 Ball Waltz!

1st: Ros Phillips,  Ruthie Lockyer & Ruth Belk 77pts
2nd: Norma Hughes,  Julia Line & Ratree Coleman 76pts.

Thursday, 22nd September

Winner of All Winners Salver;

Eleanor Beauclerk 90-23=nett 67
Runner up; Beverley Cadwallader 81-11=nett 70

18 Hole Medal

1st; Sue Ord 93-24=nett 69
2nd; Julia Line 84-14=nett 70

9 Hole Stableford  Pam Larby 19pts

Thursday, 15th September;


1st;                      Ratree Coleman 44pts

2nd;                     Margaret Ratcliffe 36pts on c/b

9 Hole Stableford;    Paula Worden 16pts on c/b

Thursday, 1st September;

Marie Martin Salver;   Sue McMahon

September Medal;

Division 1;

1st;                  Rachel Pritchard nett 73

2nd;                  Gwenan Davies nett 77

Division 2;

1st;                  Eleanor Beauclerk nett 70

2nd;                  Annie Evans nett 71

Division 3;

1st;                   Diana Chadwick nett 75 on c/b

2nd;                   Gail Roberts nett 75

9 Hole Stableford;    Sue Bonsall 20pts

Thursday, 18th August;

Coronation Cup

Winner;            Denni Coleman nett 66

Runner Up;      Diana Chadwick nett 68 on c/b

9 hole Stableford; Mo Jones 18pts

Thursday, 11th August;

Barnes Bowl 

Winner;       Chris Thomas nett 61

Runner up; Izzy Negron-Jennings nett 70 on c/b

Thursday, 4th August

30’s Cup:  Winner Ruth Belk nett 69

August Medal

Division 1;

1st; Norma Hughes nett 68

2nd; Julia Line nett 71

Division 2;

1st; Lesley Winslow nett 60

2nd; Chris Thomas nett 69 on c/b

Division 3;

1st; Ruth Belk nett 69

2nd; Diana Chadwick nett 74

9 Hole Stableford; Janet Jones 23pts

Thursday, 28th July;

Outing Cup played @ Aberdovey GC

Winner; Val Jones 34pts

Runner Up; Sarah Vaughan 32pts on c/b

3rd; Sue Ord 32pts

Thursday, 14th July Club Championship

Mary Roberts Salver for Best Gross

Winner; Izzy Negron Jennings 72
Runner up; Annie Weetman 79

Pant Bowl for Best Nett

Winner; Val Jones 67nett
Runner Up; Ceri Broughall 68 nett on c/b

Bronze Plate for Best Gross with Handicaps 21+

Winner; Val Jones 89 gross
Runner Up; Ann Holmes 94 gross

18 Hole Medal
Division 1;
1st; Izzy Negron Jennings 69 nett
2nd; Beverley Cadwallader 70nett

Thursday, 30th June.

Ping 4BBB

1st; Desley Davies & Seren Ramsey 46pts

2nd; Val Jones & Rachel Pritchard 44pts on c/b

3rd; Pam Lewis & Ceri Broughall 44pts



Lady Guest Runner upNickyJonesS’ford17
Lady Guest WinnerSian CadwalladerHinkinsS’ford17 c/b
Male Guest Runner upDanPritchardS’ford18
Male Guest WinnerIanCadwalladerS’ford23
Men 9 -hole Runner upCaptainPhil EllisS’ford21
Men 9-hole WinnerPeteOrdS’ford22
Men 18-hole Runner upGeorgeDaviesS/ford38
Men 18-hole WinnerTomVaughanS/ford38 c/b
Ladies Nearest Pin 6thNickyJones
Mens Nearest Pin 6thPeteOrd
Ladies Drive Nres Line7thIzzy Negron-Jennings
Mens Drive Nearest Line 7thPeteOrd
Past Captain’s PrizeRosPhillips922468
Ladies Medal Winners
Division 3        3rdJeanBarlow1274681
Division 2        3rdMargaretRatcliffe942272 c/b
                         2ndPamLewis942272 c/b
Division 1        3rdAnnieWeetman78870
                          2ndLesleyCookson851570 c/b
Best GrossIzzy Negron –Jennings77
Lady Captain’s PrizeCeriBroughall932766 c/b


Monday, 20th June

Champagne Breakfast & 9 Hole Stableford;

1st; Sian Whiteoak 20pts

2nd; Sue Bonsall 19pts on C/B

3rd; Joan Brice 19pts

Thursday, 16th June Daily Mail Foursomes;

1st; Margaret Ratcliffe & Viv Davies Nett 67

2nd; Beverley Cadwallader & Katey Andrew Nett 70

Thursday, 2nd June;

Ritchie Salver

Winner; Chris Evans nett 68
Runner up; Annie Weetman nett 69

June Medal

Division 1;
1st; Chris Evans 78-10=nett 68
2nd; Annie Weetman 77-8=nett 69

Division 2;
1st; Pam Lewis 96-22=nett 74
2nd; Desley Davies 102-27=nett 75

Division 3;
1st; Lesley Winslow 105-31=nett 74
2nd; Gail Roberts 122-38=nett 84

9 Hole Competition
1st; Paula Worden 18pts
2nd; Janet Jones 16pts

 Thursday, 26th May 2022

Frances Johnson Cup (Lakeside)

1st; Beth Pritchard 37pts
2nd; Desley Davies 36pts
3rd; Sandra Griffiths 35pts

Thursday 19th May 2022                  

Hilda Rogers Cup   4BBB   Medal

1st:-      Gemma Hampson and Sarah Vaughan        64
2nd:-     Ann Holmes and Tanya Cook                         66

Thursday, 5th May;

May Medal

Division 1;
1st; Annie Weetman nett 68
2nd; Chris Evans nett 72

Division 2;
1st; Sian Whiteoak nett 73
2nd; Ros Phillips nett 74

Division 3;
1st; Joan Brice nett 76
2nd; Jean Barlow nett 85

Thursday, 28th April;

Croft Stableford Cup

1st; Margaret Ratcliffe 39pts
2nd; Sue Ord 38pts
3rd; Chris Evans 37pts on C/B

Thursday, 21st April;

Coronation Foursomes

1st; Ros Phillips & Lesley Winslow 38pts
2nd; Sue Ord & Joan Brice 37pts on c/b
3rd; Annie Evans & Seren Ramsey 37pts on c/b
4th; Sian Whiteoak & Beth Pritchard 37pts on c/b

Thursday, 14th April;

England Golf Trust Stableford

1st; Sue Bonsall 35pts on c/b
2nd; Carol Griffiths 35pts on c/b
3rd; Seren Ramsey 35pts on c/b

Thursday, 24th March
Past / Present Captains Trophy – Greensomes Medal

1st; Beth Pritchard & Lesley Winslow 67.5 nett
2nd; Sue Bonsall & Chris Thomas 69.5 Nett

Thursday, 17th March
16 Hole Stableford;

1st; Beth Pritchard 29pts
2nd; Sue Bonsall 28pts

9 Hole Stableford;

1st; Sue McMahon 22pts
2nd; Annie Evans 15pts on c/b

Thursday, 3rd February
12 Hole Stableford

1st; Ros Phillips 23pts
2nd; Ann Holmes 22pts on c/b