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Ladies’s competition results:


Thursday, 21st November;
9 Hole Stableford
1st; Debbie Grey 17pts on c/b
2nd; Pam Lewis 17pts on c/b
3rd; Ceri Broughall 17pts on c/b

Thursday, 7th November
9 Hole Stableford
1st; Gwenan Davies 16pts on c/b
2nd; Katey Andew 16pts
Thursday, 31st October
Halloween AM/AM
1st; Chris Wilkinson, Ann Cooper, Annie Evans 88pts
2nd; Sue Ord, Brenda Thomas, Chris Thomas 82pts

Thursday, 24th October;
Round Robin Par/Bogey Competition;
1st; Norma Hughes -1 on c/b
2nd; Jennifer Williams -1
3rd; Ruthie Lockyer -2 on c/b.

9 Hole Stableford
1st; Sue Kime 12pts
2nd; Sheila Powell 11pts
3rd; Ruth Belk 10pts

Thursday, 17th October;
Autumn Stableford
Division 1;
1st; Gwenan Davies  31pts
2nd; Ruthie Lockyer 30pts

Division 2;
1st; Sian Whiteoak 31pts on c/b
2nd; Pam Lewis      31pts

Division 3;
1st; Sara Davies    33pts
2nd; Jean Barlow 19pts

9 Hole Stableford
1st; Sue Kime     17pts on c/b
2nd; Rachel Pritchard 17pts

Thursday, 10th October;
Designer Golf Stableford Competition;

1st;  Ros Phillips  35pts

2nd; Ruthie Lockyer   33pts

Thursday, 3rd October;
Winner of Granny Bell;
Annie Prince 98-25=73 Nett

Division 1;
1st; Gwenan Davies 89-20=69Nett
2nd; Ros Phillips 94-19=75Nett

Division 2;
1st; Annie Prince 98-25=73 Nett
2nd;Sue Ord 97-21=76 Nett

Division 3;
1st; Janet Jones 116-32=84 Nett
2nd; Ann Cooper 128-39=89 Nett

Thursday, 26th October;
All Winners Salver;
Winner; Gwenan Davies 94-20=74 Nett
Runner up; Tanya Cook 88-13=75 Nett

Alternate Medal;
1st; Isabel Negron-Jennings 83-26=57 Nett
2nd; Sue Ord 97-21=76 Nett

Thursday, 12th September: EG September Medal.

Division 1;
1st; Gwenan Davies 92-20=72 Nett
2nd; Norma Hughes 87-14=73 Nett

Division 2;
1st; Annie Evans 93-21=72 Nett
2nd; Ceri Broughall 98-25=73 Nett

Division 3;
1st; Ruth Belk 110-30=80 Nett
2nd; Sara Davies 115-32=83 Nett

Thursday, 29th August; – EG Medal

Division 1;
1st; Lady Captain (Chris Wilkinson) 94-18=76 Nett
2nd; Ros Phillips 95-18=77 Nett on c/b

Division 2;
1st; Joan Brice 100-28=72 Nett
2nd; Chris Thomas 102-27=75 Nett

Division 3;
1st; Ruth Belk 111-30=81 Nett
2nd; Sara Davies 114-32=82 Nett

Winner of 30’s Cup for Handicaps 30 & over; Ruth Belk

Thursday 22nd August 2019  Ladies Invitation Open;
Winners; Sian Whiteoak & Chris Thomas (Llanymynech)
Debbie Jones (St Giles) & Maggie Cadwallader (Welshpool)

Thursday 8th August 2019  Barnes Bowl;
1st; Sue Bonsall 87-20=67 Nett
2nd; Chris Thomas 99-27=72 Nett

Thursday 1st August 2019 Club Championship;
Mary Roberts Salver – Best Gross;
1st; Annie Weetman 81
2nd; Julia Line 84

Pant Bowl – Best Nett;
1st; Maxine Bostock 93-33= 60
2nd; Chris Wilkinson 87-18=69

Bronze Plate – Best Gross (21+);
1st; Maxine Bostock 93 c/b
2nd; Eleanor Beauclerk 93

Thursday 25 July 2019 Hilda Rogers Cup;
1st; Lady Captain – Chris Wilkinson & Paula Worden Nett 68 c/b
2nd; Tanya Cook & Gail Roberts Nett 68

Thursday 18th July 2019  Ping 4BBB;
1st; Annie Evans & Sarah Williams 40pts
2nd; Katey Andrew & Bev Cadwallader 38pts

Thursday, July 4th – Elderflower Cup & Medal;

Winner of Elderflower Cup;
Lady Captain Chris Wilkinson 89-20=69 Nett

July Medal;
Division 1;
1st; Chris Wilkinson 89-20=69 Nett
2nd; Julia Line 85-10=75 Nett
3rd; Ruthie Lockyer 97-20=77 Nett

Division 2;
1st; Joan Brice 102-29=73 Nett
2nd; Val Jones 102-21=81 Nett
3rd; Mo Jones 104-22=82 Nett

Division 3;
1st; Maxine Bostock 116-33=83 Nett
2nd; Janice Stanistreet 118-33=85 Nett

Thursday 27th June; Ladies Croft Stableford
1st; Ceri Broughall 32pts c/b.
2nd; Beverley Cadwallader  32pts c/b.
3rd; Gemma Vaughan 32pts c/b.

Thursday, June 20th; Lady Captain’s Day,
Lady Captain’s Prize;
Margaret Ratcliffe 92-19= Nett 73 c/b

Best Gross;
Annie Weetman 83

Past Captain’s Prize;
Rachel Pritchard 89-10= Nett 79

Division1 ;
1st; Gwenan Davies 93-20= Nett 73
2nd; Julia Line 87-10= Nett 77
3rd; Norma Hughes 95-14= Nett 81

Division 2;
1st; Annie Prince 100-25= Nett 75
2nd; Chris Thomas 104-27= Nett 77
3rd; Joan Brice 106-28= Nett 78

Thursday, 6th June Richie Salver & Medal
Winner of Richie Salver & representing club in Shropshire finals:     Julia Line

Division 1;
1st; Julia Line 80-10= nett 70
2nd; Tanya Cook 86-13= nett 73c/b
3rd; Ruthie Lockyer 93-20= nett 73

Division 2;
1st; Sarah Williams 93-23= Nett 70
2nd; Pam Lewis 97-23= Nett 74
3rd; Sian Hinkins 101-23= Nett 78

Division 3;
1st; Maxine Bostock 119-37= Nett 82
2nd; Brenda Rowlands 124-37= Nett 87 c/b
3rd; Janet Jones 118-31= Nett 87

Thursday, 30th May 4Ball AM/AM Open

1st Ceri Broughall, Pam Lewis, Merryl Andrew (Llanymynech GC) and Sheila Porter – 83 points

2nd Ann Cooper, Joan Brice, Sue McMahon and Diana Chadwick (Llanymynech GC) – 81 points

3rd Jan Sheargold, Sue Field, C.Wren-Jarvis and Sue Madders (The Shropshire GC)- 79 points on count back

Thursday, 23rd May, Bridgnorth Outing.

Winner of The Outing Cup  Lady Captain – Chris Wilkinson 33pts

2nd; Annie Prince 32pts
3rd; Chris Thomas 29pts
4th; Sian Whiteoak 28pts c/b

Thursday, May 16th; Coronation Cup

Winner; Beverley Cadwallader 84-13= Nett 71

2nd; Paula Worden 91-18= Nett 73

3rd; Eleanor Beauclerk 95-21= Nett74

12/13th May
Lady Captain ‘s weekend @ Carden Park
Day 1: Teams of 4 AM/AM
Winners on 85pts:
Rachel Pritchard, Gwenan Davies, Julie Gibson & Carol Davies.
Day 2: Winner of the Frances Johnson Trophy:
Sue Ord 32pts
Thursday 9th May
Coronation foursomes winners:
Beverley Cadwallader & Katey Andrew 32pts.
They go on to represent Llanymynech in Area Finals
Thursday 2nd May
Winner of Marie Martin Salver for best 9 hole score:
Sue Bonsall nett 34 on front 9.
Monthly medal:
Division 1;
1st: Julia Line 82-10=72 nett
2nd:Karen Swanston 84-8=76 nett c/b
3rd:Chris Wilkinson 96-20=76nett
Division 2:
1st: Sue Bonsall 91-21=70 nett
2nd:Joan Brice 104-28=76 nett
3rd: Annie Prince 105-25=80 nett
Division 3:
1st: Sara Davies 106-32=74 nett
2nd: Diana Chadwick 111-30=81 nett c/b
3rd: Jean Barlow 118-37=81 nett
9 Hole Comp
1st: Annie Leach
2nd: Gill Spicer
3rd: Pam Sevant
Thursday 25th April Daily Mail Foursomes
1st: Lesley Cookson & Katey Andrew nett 70
2nd: Norma Hughes & Julia Line nett 71
3rd; Merryl Andrew & Sue Mcmahon nett75
Thursday, 21st March – Dilys Jones Qualifier,
1st; Julia Line           85-10= Nett 75
2nd; Pam Lewis         99-23=  Nett 76
3rd; Chris Thomas     104-27= Nett 77 (c/b)
4th; Ann Holmes         97-20= Nett 77
5th; Annie Evans        99-21= Nett 78
6th; Ceri Broughall      104-25= Nett 79
7th; Sarah Williams     103-22= Nett 81 (c/b)
8th; Sue Ord                 100-19= 81
The 8 players will now play off to decide who goes through to Club Finals Day in September.
Thursday, 7th March;
9 Hole Stableford Qualifier
1st; Pam Lewis 16pts
2nd; Paula Worden 14pts (c/b)
3rd; Eleanor Beauclerk 14pts
Thursday, 7th February
9 Hole Stableford Qualifier;
1st; Chris Wilkinson 14pts
2nd; Katey Andrew 12pts on c/b
3rd; Julia Line 12pts
14 Hole Stableford Non qualifier;
1st; Maxine Bostock 38pts
2nd; Tanya Cook 25pts
3rd; Pam Lewis 24pts
17th January 2019
18 Hole Stableford;
Division 1;
1st; Tanya Cook 31pts
2nd; Norma Hughes 30pts on c/b
3rd; Julie Gibson 30pts
Division 2;
1st;  Annie Prince 31pts
2nd; Chris Thomas 25pts
3rd; Gail Roberts   23pts
Division 3 ;
1st; Maxine Bostock 26pts
2nd; Jean Barlow 23pts
3rd; Diana Chadwick 22pts
9 Hole Stableford;
1st; Debbie Grey 16pts
2nd; Ann Cooper 14pts
3rd; Janice Stanistreet 13pts